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I think I can survive on Mars since they found water for my coffee.
I hate when people take my glasses and say "Wow! You really can't see!" I'm like no kidding. I don't take a person's wheelchair and say "Wow! You really can't walk!"
Which is worse: Ignorance or apathy? Who knows? Who cares?
Using my phone after the low battery warning comes on is as close as I'll get to dismantling a bomb.
I love long walks on the beach with my girlfriend, until the LSD wears off and I realized I'm just dragging a stolen mannequin around a Wendy's parking lot.
I would like to see the new Steve Jobs movie, but know as soon as I do they will come out with a new one that is shot with a better camera and has a larger screen.
I wish the Microsoft Paperclip would just pop up when I’m making a questionable decision for my life.
I recently added squats to my workouts by moving the beer into the bottom shelf of the fridge.
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