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It hurts when someone you love says mean things to you like, "It's time to wake up."
I read my kids a few select Facebook statuses before bed, kiss them on their heads, and whisper, "This is why we have to stay in school"
I’m going to switch my insurance from Geico to Allstate, then Statefarm, then back to Geico. If i’m correct, they should owe me $950
If you put a finger in your ear and scratch, it sounds like Pacman.
Somebody just asked me if I knew a good plastic surgeon. Would I look like this if I did?
Single white sock seeks same.
Cop: This is a ticket for drunk and disorderly behavior. Me: Can I have another? I'd love to bring a guest.
Dance like nobody is watching! because they're not...they're checking their phone.
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